How to download YouTube Shorts Videos

4 steps on how to easily download YouTube Shorts on your windows PC.

YouTube Shorts is the new feature launched by YouTube to compete with TikTok and Instagram Reels, and this is how you download videos from YouTube Shorts:
  1. 1.
    Install By Click Downloader and open it
  2. Download ByClick
  3. 2.
    Open your web browser and navigate to the YouTube shorts you want to download the video and copy the URL.
  4. YouTube Shorts videos downloader
  5. 3.
    A popup window will open at the bottom of your screen so you can choose if you want to download the YouTube Short in video or MP3 format.
  6. 4.
    Your download will start with a progress bar so you can follow and know when your download is completed.
  7. 5.
    And you are all set! Now you can click on either open the folder where your file is located or play it directly by clicking on the play button inside By Click Downloader. Enjoy your video!
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