How to Download All Instagram User Photos and Videos?

Instagram is a fantastic app for finding amazing photos and videos. If you would like to save those photos and videos to your computer you can't do it via Instagram app or site, with By Click Downloader you can. Our user Instagram Photos downloader lets you download a specific video or photo from Instagram or just download the entire account of a specific user, including all the photos and videos in the account.

How to Download User Instagram Photos

  1. 1.
    The first step is to download the User Instagram Downloader - By Click Downloader
  2. Download ByClick
  3. 2.
    Go to the Instagram user you wish to download and a small offer message will appear on the right bottom corner of the screen. Click the Download MP3 or Download Video button (In case of photos it doesn't matter if you choose MP3 or video)
  4. Download Instagram User
  5. 3.
    A list of the the Instagram videos and Photos will appear.
  6. Instagram user downloader
  7. 4.
    Click download and ENJOY!