YouTube to MP3 with ID3 Tags

When you download YouTube to MP3 with YouTube by Click. By Click Downloader automatically detects the ID3 tags (The artist name and title) and saves it in the downloaded MP3 file. In other downloader - you have to type the artist name and the title name manually. By Click Downloader is the only software that does it automatically with 98% success rate!

How to download YouTube to MP3 with ID3 Tags?

  1. 1.
    Download and install By Click Downloader
  2. Download ByClick
  3. 2.
    Insert into By Click Downloader the video you wish to download.
  4. YouTube by Click sscreenshot
  5. 3.
    That's all - Your MP3 is ready with the ID3 tags filled in!

YouTube to MP3 with cover image!

By Click Downloader also attaches a cover photo to the downloaded MP3. It uses the same image that is used inside YouTube. This way you can see a nice cover photo when you play the file inside your player device. Cool!