What is The Best YouTube Downloader?

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Which YouTube downloader is the best? I ask this question every morning when I wake up. This is my job, every time I ask it, the answer must be YouTube By Click. When the answer isn't YouTube By Click I know I am in trouble. I analyzed and used hundreds of YouTube downloaders, and as a result we developed and designed this service (that you will immediately experience) to be the best in the market. I made an extensive research and now I have tons of knowledge on the subject, therefore I think we indeed have the answer to the question of what is the best YouTube downloader.
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11 Reasons why YouTube By Click is The Best YouTube Downloader

1. The Download is so simple
In addition to the classic downloading method of copying and pasting the video URL. In YouTube By Click you can just enter the video you would like to download and YouTube By Click will detect the video and the download is in one click away. That actually works like a Google Chrome YouTube downloader plugin. It's supported in Firefox and Internet explorer as well.
2. Download YouTube playlists by one click
If you want to download a whole YouTube playlist that contains, lets say 50 videos, you can do it in just one click. In other YouTube downloaders it could be really complicated because you need to download the videos one by one. Downloading YouTube channels is available in the exact same way.
By Click Downloader
3. Download MP3 with artist name and song name
After you downloaded hounders of MP3 and moved them to your phone or your other MP3 player device, you discovered that the names of the songs are wrong, there are no artists names for every song and in general your list is a total mess. With YouTube By Click it will never happen. YouTube By Click edits the MP3 tags of song name and artist name automatically, and you can enjoy a clean and Organized MP3 list.
4. Download very long YouTube videos
Most of other YouTube downloaders won't let you download videos longer than 20 minutes. But just to remind you, YouTube By Click has no limitations, with YouTube By Click you can download long YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4.
5. Download private YouTube videos
From time to time you would like to download YouTube or Facebook videos that aren't public for everyone. The best YouTube downloader lets you download every video including private video.
6. Transfer downloads to iTunes by one click
If you are an iPhone or iPad user you probably know how difficult it is to export your downloads into your device. YouTube By Click give you an easy access to iTunes.
7. Downloading is FREE
If the best downloader would cost money then it wouldn't be the best downloader. Because, in this case, the best YouTube downloader would be the same downloader that didn't cost anything! If you don't understand the moral lesson don't worry, YouTube By Click downloader is free for everybody.
By Click Downloader
8. Download multiple videos at the same time
Normal YouTube downloaders let you download only one video each time. Downloading long video lists could be very exhausting. With YouTube By Click you can download dozens of videos at the same time.
9. Download videos via proxy
If you encounter a video that isn't available in your country you can download it using proxy servers.
10. Download from many video sites
YouTube By Click is much more than just a YouTube downloader. With our downloader you can download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Myvideo, Instagram, Flickr, Nico Nico, LiveLeak and many more.
11. Downloading in HD and in any other format
With YouTube By Click you can download the media in any way you want: HD videos or any other quality you want. Any format including MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, WMV, WAV, WEMV.
By Click Downloader
A bit of history - From the first moment of creating this amazing site we thought a lot about how to make the new best YouTube downloader. You can read here about our first steps.