YTD Downloader Review

YTD video downloader is the most popular software for downloading videos from YouTube and from other video websites. YTD downloader uses the well known method of copying and pasting the video URL in order to start the download. YTD downloader supports also converting the downloaded videos to common formats such as MP3, WMV, AVI and more.
ytd video downloader

Why Choose YTD Downloader Alternative?

1. YTD doesn't work well- YTD downloader software isn't stable and many times the download doesn't work at all. YTD not working or YTD failed (failed 2, failed 6, failed 14) are common complaints of YTD users.
2. Multiple download not supported- If you want to download more than 1 video, YTD is not the solution for you. YTD lets you download only one video at a time. To download multiple videos you should pay for the pro version
3. Download YouTube Playlist not supported YTD downloader has no option for downloading YouTube playlist. To download the whole playlist, you should go over the playlists video manually - one by one.
4. Download isn't simple - To download videos in YTD downloader you should do a couple steps for each video. Copy and paste the url, download it, convert it. When you want to download more than 1 video those steps take too much time and it is Exhausting!
5. Cost 29.9$ for a year - For Fast download, multiple downloads and some more features that exist in any other video downloader for free, in YTD to get them - you will have to pay 29.9 $ every year . YTD is not quality software, and there is no reason to pay them for the PRO version

Best Alternative For YTD

YouTube By Click is the best alternative for YTD video downloader. YouTube By Click lets you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many other videos site. YouTube By Click is free simple, easy and fast video downloader. In order to download videos via YouTube By Click you should download and install YouTubebyClick software.
YouTube By Click
Here are some of the top features of YouTube By Click:
✓ Simple to use - Download videos by one click
✓ Support multiple downloads
✓ Supports all qualities - Including HD
✓ Supports all formats - Including MP3 and MP4
✓ YouTube By Click is FREE!
YouTube by Click sscreenshot
Start downloading videos with YouTube By Click - Enjoy!
YouTube By Click

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